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Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Bambarakanda Waterfall

BambarakandaWaterfall 263m in heightis the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka and the 299th tallest in the world. It is located inside a forest about 5 km from the Kalupahana junction which is on the Colombo- Bandarawela A4 highway between Belihul Oya and Haputale. The waterfall has one drop and the water falls down in the shape of a horsetail. Discover Sri Lanka and enjoy your Sri Lanka Holiday.

Diyaluma Waterfall

Diyaluma Waterfall220m in height is the second highest in Sri Lanka and 361st highest in the world and is reputed as the most beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka.  It is situated about 6km from Koslanda village which is close to Beragala town which lies on the Colombo-Bandarawela A4 highway 183 km from Colombo. The waterfall has one drop and resembles a horsetail. Contact tour agent in Sri Lanka and choose from the many available Tour packages in Sri Lanka.

Bomburu Ella Waterfall

Bomburu Ella Waterfallis situated at Uva-Paranagama close to the border of Nuwaraeliya and Badulla districts about 15km from Welimada town. It is the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka and also one of the most beautiful and breath taking. It is 50m in height. The water cascades down many layers. You have to go some distance on foot and the walk to the waterfall also will be a memorable experience. Do not bathe in the pool at the bottom because the water flow is very rapid. Plan yourtour in Sri Lanka. Findout abouthotels in Sri Lanka.

Ravana Ella Waterfall

 Ravana Ella Waterfall steeped in history and legend is situated about 2km from the Ella railway station in the Badulla district and is named after King Ravana in the famous Indian epic of the Ramayana. There is a cave behind the waterfall where it is believed Ravana hid Sitha after abducting her. It is 25m in height and the water cascades down from an oval shaped rock outcrop. In the rainy season the waterfall is said to look like an areca flower. Enjoy your wedding and honeymoon in Sri Lanka.

Dunhinda Waterfall

 Dunhinda Waterfall situated 5km from the Badulla town in the Uva Province is considered one of the most enchanting waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It is 63m in height and the water plunges down giving rise to a misty spray as it falls on the rocks below and hence the name. Dun in Sinhala means mist or smoke. The waterfall is a little over 1 km away from the main road and is reached by a footpath. Inquire for budget tour packages in Sri Lanka. Take a Lanka tour and enjoy a holiday in Sri Lanka.

Aberdeen Waterfall

Aberdeen Waterfallis located in a picturesque setting within a tea plantation bearing the same name situated in Ginigathhena in the Nuwaraeliya district in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Aberdeen is named after a famous city in Scotland. It is 98m in height. The waterfall belongs to the type known as horsetail and has a width of 8m with one drop. Find out the best hotels in Sri Lanka and plan your tour in Sri Lanka. You can alsosave money! Discover budget hotels in Sri Lanka and cheap hotels in Sri Lanka.

Baker’s Waterfall

Baker’s Waterfallis located within Horton Plains a plateau in the central highlands 2300m above sea level and 32 km from the hill resort of Nuwara Eliya. It is 20m in height and named after a well known British explorer. Set in picturesque surroundings the water cascades down in several falls and two drops. Fortour packages in Sri Lanka contact tour agent in Sri Lanka.

Bopath Ella Waterfall

Bopath Ella Waterfallis located in the village of Agalwatte in Kuruwita near   Ratnapura which is the gem city of Sri Lanka. It derives its name from the fact that the waterfall is shaped like the leaf of the Sacred Bo tree. It is 30m in height and according to local myth valuable treasure is supposed to be hidden at this site.  It is considered dangerous to bathe in the pool below as many have drowned attempting to do so. The waterfall is surrounded by primeval forests with rich biodiversity. Have a Sri Lanka Holiday andDiscover Sri Lanka. Find out all about budget hotels in Sri Lanka and Cheap hotels in Sri Lanka.

Devon Waterfall

Devon Waterfallis poetically referred to as Sri Lanka’s ‘veil of the vale’ and is named after an English coffee planter of the colonial era. It is situated within the Devon Tea Plantation 6km from Talawakelle town in the Nuwaraeliya district on the A7 highway and is easily visible from the main road.  It is 97m high and is a unique horsetail type waterfall that has 3 drops. Have a wonderful wedding and honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Enjoy aLanka Tour and an unforgettableholiday in Sri Lanka.


St Claire’s Waterfall

St. Claire’s Waterfall, which name originates from a tea plantation nearby, is   also known as the ‘Little Niagara’ of Sri Lanka and is one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It is located off the A7 road 3km from Talawakelle town in the Nuwaraeliya district in the hill country. Take the footpath from the main road and go about 500m. There are two waterfalls at this location.  Make sure you view the larger one which is 80m in height and where the water flows down in cascades with two drops. Find out about budget tour packages in Sri Lanka.