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Jaffna is the center of northern edge of Sri Lanka which is mainly populated by Tamils in Sri Lanka. It is also believed to be the Tamil cultural capital of Sri Lanka. It has a dark memory of war some time ago and still there are places to remind those days in the city. Now the city is a peaceful center that is on the most of the visitor’s trip plans.  There are many places in the city that is worth a visit. Nagadeepa Temple, Jaffna Fort, Jaffna Library, Nallur Temple, Casuarina Beach, Dambakola Patuna, Sangilean Thoopu is some of the many such places. Nallur served as the capital for four centuries and later with political and social incidents turned Jaffna in to the capital of this province.

Nagadeepa is one place that Lord Buddha had set his foot on, in one of his three journeys to the Island. The Nagadeepa Temple there is one of the most visited places in the area. It was built by Chulodara and Mahodara brothers some two millennia ago enshrining a gem studded precious chair in the stupa there. Jaffna Library was one of the largest and worthiest libraries before it was burnt down in the early days of war. Later it was rebuilt and now it is regaining its strength. Nallur Temple is one other place in the Jaffna city limits that has become an attraction site of many tourists. It is considered the central place in Jaffna’s Hindu World. Being a rich place in cultural value and being one of the oldest places in Tamil culture, Nallur kovil shares a rich history with visitors. It is believed to date back to days of ancient Tamil rulers’ eras. It was destroyed by the Portuguese and reconstructed in 18th century AD. Jaffna is regaining its strength and now it is transforming to be a place that you must surely visit in Sri Lanka.




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