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Horton plains are a world famous national park and a wild life sanctuary that is included in the UNESCO world heritage sites. Originally it was named Maha Eliya Thenna and later it was renamed after Sir Robert Wilmot Horton, the British governor of Ceylon from 1831 to 1837. It is situated 32 kilometers away from Nuwara Eliya town.  Nuwara Eliya can be reached through Kandy if you start from Colombo.

Beautiful mountains, valleys of montane grasslands and bushes of Horton Plains are in a plateau located some 2100m above from the sea level. This is a very well known destination for trekking and mountain trails among nature lovers and the magnificent highlands and The World’s End gives the true meaning to sightseeing.

The area spans over more than10000 hectares and is home to 57 species of flora in which 27 is endemic to Sri Lanka. Also there are 24 mammal species and more than 80 bird species including many migratory birds over the year. Some of the species live there are endemic to this special nature reserve. Renowned richness of biodiversity of Horton Plains draws thousands of nature lovers and bird watchers throughout the year. Also there are several special sites in Horton Plains that attracts visitors’ year around. Those include World’s End which is a 3700 feet sheer drop which provide views of tea plantations a mile beneath the visitors and if fog permits even as far as the southern coast line. Also there is another place called Small World’s End nearby.

Bakers Falls and Chimmini Pool are some other places people pay a visit along the 11 km long journey on foot which lasts approximately 3 hours. Clouds run brushing the trekkers in this high land and visitors hardly feel tired with cool weather among the mountain trails. Many visitors prefer morning visits to have a clear view at the spectacular sights on Horton Plains. In the evening clouds come lower and landscapes get covered with mist and views are obscured. Not only trekking addicts, even older travelers find plenty of pleasure in this wonderful creation of nature.





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