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Hambantota is a part of the Southern Province that has recently gained much of its glory. Located in the far Southeastern corner of the island, this area was not developed until recently. But now Hambantota has one of the two national air ports in Sri Lanka as well as a new harbor that has many facilities. Road network is also well developed at the moment. There are several places to visit in this area as well. They include Wonderful dry zone wild life parks in Bundala, Yala and Kumana. Also tele-cinema village of Ranminithenna and newly built port and air port are favorite locations among local visitors since recently.
Yala National Park is the most known place among foreign travelers. There is a 4 wheel drive cab service that will bring you across this wonderful forest. Watching few elephants, crocodiles and deer running here and there is a guaranteed, but it will need a great fortune to catch the sight of a leopard. Yala National Park safari is one of the best safari experiences in whole Asia.

Hummanaya is a blow hole which the world’s second largest of known few. The sea water underneath is pumped up in to the sky with an immense force to create the magical water streams in air and many visitors love to spend few hours in the misty Hummanaya area in their sight. Kumana is given the name of Avian Paradise in Sri Lanka. For a country with heavy bio diversity and a massive collection and variation of bird life, a place to be called as a Paradise of birds, it must have some real magic. So does Kumana National Park. Facilities may not be as good as in Yala, but this is a must visit place if you love the bird life in Asia.




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