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Sri Lanka holds on to the highest density of biodiversity per square kilometer in Asia and is ranked amongst the world’s twenty five biodiversity hot spots. There are frequently visited and perfectly preserved wild life sanctuaries, waterfalls, rain forests, natural beaches swarming with marine life and pristine coral reefs immaculately decorated with glistening colors. It is amazing to discover all wildlife safaris, hiking, snorkeling, cycling, canoeing, marine life watching and many adventures in this single destination with all the facilities.

Sri Lanka is a super famous destination among nature lovers, simply because of the vastness and diversity of ecotourism sites in Sri Lanka. 15% of the Sri Lankan land is covered by more than 70 sanctuaries, national parks, wetlands and mountain ranges. These areas harbor few of the world’s most endemism rich and biodiversity loaded places. Sri Lanka was isolated from Indian mainland a million years ago and inherited its own variety of wildlife over the time.

There are a number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks famous among wildlife enthusiasts such as Yala, Wilpattu, Wasgamuwa, Minneriya and Kaudulla. Many of these destinations in dry zone offer wildlife safari services and it is almost certain to see bunch of wild elephants and many other animals that will keep you at the edge of safari jeep and sometimes lucky visitors may even see a leopard on a tree trunk. There are roads running through the dense forests in order provide a clear view of animals. Each trip lasts few hours depending on the package you choose. Also there are facilities to spend nights in forest as well. These camping sites will paint an everlasting memory of a moonlit night you spent in the middle of real wilderness in a Sri Lankan forest.

Sinharaja and Central Highlands of Sri Lanka are another two famous destinations that is renowned for biodiversity and rain forest explorations. Sinharaja is a million years old rain forest that belongs one of the richest hotspots of biodiversity. Bird watchers and nature enthusiasts frequently visit this dense rain forest. Central highlands of Sri Lanka encompass three wildlife sanctuaries including Horton planes and Knuckles Mountain range.  These sites, particularly Horton planes are well known for hiking and nature watching. Peak wilderness sanctuary which is the third part of central highlands is famous for Adam’s Peak and butterfly watching. Kumana national park is a very popular place for bird watching and it is a sanctuary especially reserved for birds.

Ecotourism cover village life in addition to natural world. Sri Lanka’s ancient inhabitants are known as Sri Lankan Weddas and currently they are confined to several villages in the midst of forests. Their main village cluster is called Dambana and their leader lives there. Visitors who love to meet these indigenous people visit these old fashioned villages and study their enduring encounters with forest life.

Sri Lanka is lined by a beautiful coastal belt and there are many islands surrounded by marine life. Unawatuna, Hikkaduwa, Nilaweli and Arugambay are few of the many astonishing beaches famous among tourists. Whale watching, Coral reef watching, Snorkeling, Swimming, Surfing and Diving are all possible in these marine neighborhoods. Along the costal belt from Colombo to Matara there are hundreds of high class residential facilities as well as tourist attraction sites built parallel to these beaches. Hikkaduwa is world famous for its gigantic and, multicolored coral reefs whereas Unavatuna is more famous for fun activities and whale watching. Nilaweli beach is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Sri Lanka where you will see kilometers of shallow blue sea that does not dip lower than few feet.Being one of the UNESCO’s few biodiversity hot spots and declaring ownership of pristine wild life reserves and mind bobbing beaches, Sri Lanka is one of the world’s most eminent ecotourism destinations at this moment.




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