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Located about 148km north-east to the Colombo there is a famous town know as Dambulla. Being a place of historical, archeological and cultural interest Dambulla never failed to attract loads of both local and foreign tourists in each year. The main attraction cites in the area are Dambulla Rock temple Complex, Rose Quartz Mountain Range, Rangiri Dambulla International Cricket Stadium and area is also popular for Bird watching Tours.

The city and its attractions are located en route to the Sigiriya, the engineering miracle of old world. Many people pay a visit here and make sure they visit both places on the same day. Dambulla Rock temple complex is a collection of numerous temples built in caves. The caves are formed by a single giant rock that towers some 160 feet up in to the sky. There are 5 main temples in the complex that attract main proportion of tourists.

These temples have carvings, statues and beautiful paintings done using ancient natural colors in abundance. Each cave temple is unique in its belongings and these were developed in different eras of 2000 years old Sri Lankan history. So the temple complex contains loads of knowledge for the testimony of variations of artistry and styles in different eras. Rose Quartz Mountain is the largest of its type in whole Asia. These rocks are believed to be few millions years old and the area was declared a human sanctuary in early days. Bird Watching is a fabulous hobby in this area as there are many types of both local and migratory birds in the area. It’s said that a meter of tropical forest contains more life than whole USA. Sri Lanka is surely a proof for that and you will enjoy the magnificence of the wild life in Sri Lanka.








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