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Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka is the place where most of the visitors first enter through the Bandaranayke International Airport. It is the commercial capital and there are many places in Colombo city area that visitors love to set their foot on. It is the largest of Sri Lankan cities and there are many wonderful natural and manmade places to visit.  Dehiwala Zoo is one such enjoyable place and on Sundays they have a special elephant talent show for the visitors.  It has hundreds of species of both Sri Lankan and foreign animals. Also there is a fish and birds collection to keep your kids smiling all the day.

National museum is one of the places that you may not miss in a Colombo tour. Pay few hours there and you’ll have a memory for a life time. Sri Lanka’s Premier Cultural Treasure house has monuments dating many centuries back. Sri Lankans are a proud nation with a kings’ line running back as far as 3 millennia. Colonial Era and the ancient Sri Lankan rule has left many wonderful stories behind their remains and this is one of those places you feel running across centuries in one building. Art, Statues and all sorts of specimens of historical importance are there in this nice place for your amusement. Galle Face Green is a beach located in the western boarder of the city and it’s the perfect place to spend some calm time in the evening with beautiful scenery of sun going down. Kite flyers, food sellers and joggers complete the feeling of a nice beach there.


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