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Batticaloa is a nice town located in the Eastern cost of Sri Lanka. Being a victim of Sri Lanka’s civil war for some time the town is still regaining its strength. But nevertheless its beautiful beaches are still shining with all the glory. There are several lagoons and several places of interest to visit in this town. Also there is fort built in the Dutch and Portuguese eras and there are several monuments such as cannons in either side of district secretariat’s office telling the stories of the town few centuries ago.

The fort wall is about 6 meters thick and there is a small museum inside as well. Passikudah Beach is a better place to visit in this area. The bathing activities are preferred in the early hours of the day by many visitors. Anyway there are several hotels for cheap prices in this area. Bridges and lagoons are the whole mark of the city. There are three main lagoons and main city is placed in the largest of them. Myths say that there are fish singings in the full moon days in these lagoon areas. The largest of the bridges is named after Lady Manning. Also there are several stone inscriptions for the enthusiasts who love the history and ancient writings unveiling the past forgotten with the sands of time.






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