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The chief town of Uva province is not merely another provincial capital; it is a tourism hot spot. If you are a great fan of tropical nature, Badulla is a must visit places beyond any doubt. Being surrounded by misty hill country and the great forests of Eastern slopes, Budulla area has countries’ richest collection of waterfalls. The city is located some 230km in to the East of Colombo and 60km away from Kandy.

Train ride from Colombo to Kandy and from Kandy to Badulla have been regarded as one of the best scenic trips in whole South Asia. There are many places in Badulla area to visit such as Diyaluma falls, Dunhinda falls, Ravana falls, Fox Hill, Bigida wooden bridge, Buduruwagala, Dowa rock temple and Muthiyangana Temple. Diyaluma falls is the second highest water fall of Sri Lanka and is 220m tall. It is formed by a tributary of Kirindi Oya, water stream running across hill country.

The place is loved by nature lovers. So is Dunhinda, the more beautiful waterfall of the two. Dunhinda is invariably called the most atrocious of them all, the waterfalls. Being covered with billions of droplets in air, and flowing through lush forests, there is very little number of things in whole Asia that can match this 210 meter tall beauty. Dova Rock temple is an ancient temple with lot of value. 2 thousand years ago king Walagamba remained hidden in these caves till he re-rallied the troops. Then he ordered to build a temple here. The beautiful surrounding and the archeological as well as historical value are so important that many of the people make sure to have this in their travel maps.







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