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Ampara is located in the eastern shores of beautiful Sri Lanka. The city is located about 360km away from the Colombo capital. Ampara was originally a place of residence for the laborers and later transformed in to a city. Today it is one of the largest rice producers in the country and 96% of the population is Sinhalese. The area has beautiful beaches that many people love. Ampara is still a beautifully preserved area with some wild life to look at. Still the tourism facilities are being developed and the facilities will not be much. The main attractions of the district include Deegawapiya temple, Kudumbigala monastery, Beaches in the Oluvil area.

Magula Maha Viharaya and Peace Pagoda are two more places people loved to visit. Deegawapiya is a sacred place for Buddhists as it was one of the 16 places where Lord Buddha set his foot on. This ancient place was transformed in to a monastery later. Visitors, who love the history and the architecture beautiful, would love this place. The dagoba in the monastery is the main interest for most of the visitors.

It is located some 18km away from the main city. Kudumbigala is located on a mountain range in Ampara district. It was founded and developed in 1954 by a devotee named as Mathree. This place is located near the Yala Forest among beautiful trees. Wildlife in Ampara is really special. Bird watching is one of the most famous activities carried out in this area. Also the area features a wide array of zones for you to visit and enjoy wild life.






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